I need a truck. 

Sure, I can fit half a cord of wood in the car, but 2 small pallets and I have to drive home with my head stuck out the window. 


13 thoughts on “I need a truck. 

    1. bnastowaway

      That’s an idea too, but the only ones I’ve found for my Honda are the ‘1 size fits all’, and they get low reviews. When I load my canoe on, I paracord a couple pool noodles to the canoe before I toss it on😆

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      1. Judy

        I had one on my old ’80 Honda. Moved several times with everything I owned strapped on top except for appliances. Could never figure out how to boost that ol’ monster refrigerator up there. ;>)

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  1. Truck??? you don’t need a truck, some drywall screws and some strapping and you can knock up a roof rack in a jiffy. 😉 sure your roof might leak a bit afterwards, but some good old bathtub caulk will sort that too…. I think you’ve been away from the county too long 😉

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    1. bnastowaway

      Amen! I think I’d get shot in the County – civic hybrid😆 they’d think a tree hugger was coming up to turn Aroostook into a park!


      1. bnastowaway

        Nope, as far as I know, not a single lesson. A lot of improvisation and luck, as far as I heard. And Papa Hotel and Ol’ Dana used to poach like it was goin out of style, too. Nice plane chum! Where in Maine are you?


      2. bnastowaway

        Nice! I’ve got a buddy around Newport that’s a pilot, and another that’s a mechanic/inspector. Maine is a beautiful place for small planes!


  2. I have been told a few times in the past that there are two things you should never buy. A Boat and a Truck. Its better to have a good friend who owns both!! I am shocked you don’t own one. I mean come on you guys live in truck and V8 country. That’s what I see on the TV anyway.
    Hybrid for the wife or work transport work and a old beater of a diesel truck for everything else. Live the dream. Dan


    1. bnastowaway

      In the County, I always had one – since I moved to Detroit, not as much. The Honda is an economical way to work and back.
      And I’ve strapped my boat (14.5 old town canoe) on top of it before !

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