Yard Sale Scores (Ammo Can, Inverter, ATC)

I hit the pavement this morning in search of a deal.  Found it!

First stop:


Ammo can for a buck.  Not the best that I’ve found by any means, but the price was right.



Two power inverters and a CB radio.  I’ve got no use for the CB, but I like inverters.  They were all in the same box.  I got everything in the box for $5.00.

Second stop:  A girly yard sale and I thought I was wasting my time, until I saw this baby.


1984.  200cc.  Honda, my favorite brand.  It’s in great condition for the year.  Although ATCs are known as death traps, due to flipping easily, I had to pick it up, pun intended, to FLIP.


The best accessory in the world…….a gun rack!


I paid $250 for it.  I’m reasonably sure I can double or triple my money.

Pax Domini Sit Semper Vobiscum,

Mike Oscar Hotel


4 thoughts on “Yard Sale Scores (Ammo Can, Inverter, ATC)

    1. Quit giving me great ideas, Michael! It’s in fantastic shape, really. Like scale of 1 to 10, I’d give it an 8. Solid 8. When my wife got home, she told me to put it on craigslist for a grand. She says if it doesn’t sell, we’ll put it on the moving truck. I love that girl. 😉 She knows it’s not going to sell for that much.


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