All the Things I Didn’t Need….

….but I bought anyway.

Yard sale season has finally started here in CO.  Late spring storms have put a cramp on things during the month, but the sun has finally come out.  I begged the Mrs. to throw the kids in the van yesterday morning and check out some advertised sales.  After conceding that I’d help with breakfast and the laundry, we were on our way.

We hit a few sales that were pretty blah.  Sometimes I wonder why people even bother to have a sale.  You show up and they want eBay prices for dollar store material.  Sales like that frustrate me, especially when the signs say “Huge Sale” or “Estate Sale” and it’s really just a bunch of Chinese crap.  And the Chinese make (and we buy) a lot of crap.

There was a sale not advertised on the main roads.  We were headed from one place to another and there was a solitary sign for an estate sale on one of the side roads.

It was a score.  I wasn’t looking for things for me, as we are trying to move, but I was looking for things to flip, as we are in the hole in a bad way at the moment.  Here’s the rundown:


Elk Mount$10.00.  It’s an older mount, but I couldn’t say no for $10.  Worse comes to worse, I’ll knock off the antlers, save the glass eyes, throw away the mount and sell the antlers for $30.  I’ve currently got it on craigslist for $125, though I doubt I’ll touch that number.  We had fun getting it in the van.  The youngest wasn’t fond of this guy at all.  It’s hard being my kid.


James Swan Co. Auger bits$5.00.  I took a chance on this one.  The box looked old and the augers are in good shape. Looks like they’ll fetch quite a bit more than I paid on eBay.


Valor Esso Blue oil can$2.00.  There was an estate sale tag on it for $25.00.  I asked the guy and he said $2.00.  I put it on eBay and got a hit for $15.00 within the hour.  Not bad.


Assorted traps$5.00.  I got five traps in a box for $5.00.  All but one are made by Victor, so, not worth much.  One is a Triumph 315-x, which immediately bid up to $50.00 when I put it on eBay.  It’s a single spring.  If it was a double spring, it would be worth hundreds.  I’ll take what I can get.  I’ll keep the Victors for myself.  If there are any pessimists reading, buy some traps.  When the collapse happens, they will hunt for you when you’re not there.

Stuffed Pheasant$2.00.  I’m not sure it’s worth anything, but I think it’s cool and that’s worth the $2.00.  I’ll get it on eBay eventually.  Looks like they’re getting about $20.00 on auction.


Various Ford Mustang Items$10.00 per box (2 boxes).  To me, this was risky.  The guy was obviously a Mustang enthusiast.  I got a box full of manuals and buyer’s guides and a box full of 1:18 scale models and other models still in the box.  In the mix was a five book set of Ford manuals from 1969.  They immediately hit for $20.00 on eBay, so I’m at least covered on my losses for that batch.


All in all, I’m already up by about $30.00.  That’s better odds than going to the casino.  More fun, too.  I’m hoping to make more off of this batch, but if not, I’ll hit the sales again next weekend.

Pax Domini Sit Semper Vobiscum,

Mike, Oscar, Hotel…out.




















13 thoughts on “All the Things I Didn’t Need….

      1. Expand. Build a 4″ x 4″ picnic table using dowel and peg, rather than nails or screws. Workbench. Learn heavy timber construction and joinery. A wooden boat.
        The auger bits do not eat much. Light coat of oil or WD40 every now and then.
        What ever you decide, will be the correct decision. Good Luck.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. B&A Stowaway

    We did some drive-bys yesterday, struck out. I think it’s a little early for the people who clean out thier house and dump everything, our area is still the ones who save garbage all year long and try to unload VCR tapes and grandma’s housecoat as soon as the lawn thaws out.


  2. Those augers are real nice. The were made for a brace, but a smart fellow could modify them to fit a regular electric drill. Hope thing are looking up on the house sale, or conversely on the job front.


    1. We’re still in limbo, Michael – and a lot of debt. We’ll know for certain what’s happening next weekend. Once my place of work figured out they’d likely have a lawsuit on their hands if they continued their shenanigans, they changed their tune. I have a job ongoing until I don’t want it anymore!


      1. Well at least you have some form of income for now. Though it sounds like it is on shaky ground. Just don’t jump the gun and tell them you are leaving til you hand the house keys to the new owner. Hopefully you can recoup some of the expense for the water abatement when you sell. Keep us posted.


      2. It’ll keep us going. They’ll likely get short notice this time. I’ll keep you posted. We should know one way or another by the weekend. The drainage system and radon system in the crawlspace really helped a bunch. BTW – did you say your dad is in Venezuela?


      3. Luckily mom and dad are In Freeport. Been there for 30+ yrs. Things are turning real bad back in Vzla. Some serious dark times right now, scary dark… like you get murdered just for your groceries scary. I have been following it closely as I still have friends that live there and are unable to leave.
        A good source on info is;
        All the Cool-aid drinkers here just don’t get it. That is what socialism really looks like.


      4. Okay. I couldn’t remember, but I’ve been reading a lot and was worried about it. It’s not good. I hate it when people defend socialism by saying it just hasn’t been done right. We may be headed that way in a nose dive come November.


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