Cory Loftis has a tumblr that I follow – he’s an amazing artist, check him out sometime!

My wife and I were just talking last night, about how we were raised by our grandparents. My Grampy Mac was a sawed off little Frenchman who loved to wave to strangers and hug fat women. I could write a novel about him, he was a pretty crazy and interesting guy. 

I will keep this short however, and say that he spent a lot of time fishing with me, teaching me how to work with wood, winterize a house, make apple cider, and how long to keep a worm in your mouth to make it more attractive to the fish (he used to tell me that but broke off the joke before there was actual contact). 

Mike Oscar had a pretty amazing grandfather as well, I can remember him skinning a deer for me, in pitch blackness, 11 pm, and he was in his underwear. And teaching me how to make a willow slide whistle. 

If your grandparents are still alive, call them up today. If you are a grandparent, take your grandbabies fishing today. Pack a lunch. Teach them to bait their hook. Make sure to tell them to warm that worm up in their mouth, and watch the horror in their eyes. Buy them some penny candy (or quarter candy, as it probably is now) and let them rot their teeth out while you talk about what is important to them. 

Growing up is rough. Growing up with Grampy make it a little easier. 


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