When Bushcraft Goes Mainstream….

……and the masses show their stupidity.

I’d like to interrupt this rant by first saying Happy Easter!

I really don’t want to make fun of or degrade the American public in any way.

But I’m going to.

I went to the grocery store today.  We’ve had two one-foot-plus snowstorms in the last three days and we were a little low on Easter supplies.  As I was trudging into the store, I saw these and I laughed.


Let me explain.  In the bushcraft world, this is called a Swedish log candle.  It’s a wonderful idea.  Take a dry piece of wood, cut into it with a saw (chainsaw, handsaw, etc.), stuff some bits of tinder into the cracks, light it up and viola, instant camp stove.  Burning a log in this fashion allows you to rest a kettle or pan on top of the log.  In addition, in my experience, the log burns longer when it is vertical and scored than it would if it was tossed into the fire.


I will admit there’s a little jealousy here.  Why didn’t I think of this?  Why don’t I have the marketing skills to go to a major grocery chain and market this?  Oh well.  I’m destined to be broke all of my life, as was my father, grandfather, great grandfather…..the list goes on.  The reason I think this is stupid is because they took a darn near unmerchantable piece of wood, cut a few channels in it and then slapped a ridiculously high price tag on it.  Talk about value adding.

I did this a few years ago with a nice piece of pine.  I documented it on the original Sharpened Axe blog.


Pax Domini Sit Semper Vobiscum,

Mike, Oscar, Hotel….out.


19 thoughts on “When Bushcraft Goes Mainstream….

  1. Just a thought – Since their grooves don’t seem to go all the way through to the sides of the piece of firewood, isn’t it going to have a hard time getting enough air to burn properly?


  2. The reason you didn’t think about doing this is cause you know deep down you are a principled person and this is a rip-off and you’d feel guilty about doing something like this if you did. I suppose the lesson in this is that we need to learn to be more heartless if we are going to make money at this sort off scheme. I simply would have a hard being like that. Its a problem I have often when working for customers. I add up my labor and materials cost at the end of the job and then look at my work and ask myself; would I pay this much for that job? and then adjust the bill downwards a bit and still feel guilty about it. I suppose that is why I’ll always be a broke-ass carpenter.


    1. All valid points. I refuse to screw someone over for a buck. Back when I was doing junk hauling as a side business. I’d set a flat rate, often times much too low, and find myself working like a maniac, thinking the faster I worked, the larger my hourly wage was. I was the only game in town and could have made a lot of money, but alas….I was just a broke junk hauler. I totally get it.


  3. I must say…. I find you Americans to be very entertaining at times. I have been watching a few programs about your Alien invasive species. One comes to mind. You guys seem to have a problem further south with a fish called Asian Carp. These fish jump out the water when threatened. A simple boat with a net system and a (Noise maker) you could bad tons a week. Why don’t you guys process this protein source for dog and cat food. You could sell it to all the Californian “hug a trees” as a organic food source for pets.
    Really work the feed your animals and alleviate the threat story. On the back end you could get the local Environmental protection agency to either fund our subsidize your set up costs. Buy a tin save a stream…..At least this would have a nice win win scenario verses yet another gimic that cuts down more trees. Just a thought. Ps Pine trees are act Alien in South Africa and our government has spent loads cutting them down. I don’t totally agree with them on that story but hey, who am I. Hmmmm maybe a idea for next year. Cheers Dan


    1. When I was in northern Maine last August, I was close enough to the Canadian border to listen to the CBC, who I heard refer to us as a banana republic. They’re right. Your idea us great, but there’s so much bureaucracy, they’d never let anyone innovative enough to do it off their leash. Gov’t. regulation is not needed and sucks.


      1. I suppose its better to make a program about hitting the fish with base ball bats. If I may ask. Why do you think South Africa is a banana republic. Is it something I said? I was not making fun of Americans as that would be ignorant as I have seen that you are not all the same, I was just having a giggle with the bushcraft candels for $12, nothing personal.


      2. nonononono, Dan. The CBC was referring to US (USA) as a banana republic. which I’m starting to agree with. No offense taken or offered. I thought your idea was creative and, frankly, we need more of that. I also like ideas like using canons to set of avalanches for avalanche prevention. 😉


      3. My Bad. I have to get up after midnight here to read blogs(Long Story) and it may be getting the better of me. My bad no stress. I must say as a kid I always had the typical picture of the USA being the land of milk and honey. I have been lucky enough now to meet a few of you as well as have a friend who stays on the Canadian border. Your laws and freedoms seem to be getting stricter buy the day. We all seem to have our problems. Great.. We are good. Ps Very funny blog. Cheers


      1. If you ever get the chance try seal. Not sure if they all taste the same. I peeled one and tried to eat as much as I could.(It was a freshly dead pup)
        As it was a survival type thing I did not want to waist but whew it was rough going. Even now I just smell a dead one on the beach. Not my finest moment indeed.


      2. Naw. Always prepared. Dad didn’t tell us until we were finished with the meal. Asked us how we liked the steak. We ate deer meat, moose meat, etc. all the time, so steak wasn’t out of the norm. I just remember it tasted a little different from what I was used to, but it wasn’t bad by any means. I think it would mostly be a mental hurdle, knowing that muskrat is just that….a rodent.

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  4. bnastowaway

    When we used to split wood as a kid – if we had quit halfway through the job, we’d be rich now! And I agree with the ‘America is gettin stinky’ thought. Let’s (the blog members) go take over Cuba and start anew.


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