Thoughts on Concealed Carry

I’m a strong supporter of concealed carry.  From my earliest memories, Snuffy (dad) always packed heat.  I never really thought it through when I was a kid.  My dad carried a gun.  It was what it was. I remember one day asking my dad why he always carried.  He told me that in the early ’80s a guy walked into a McDonald’s and opened fire on the patrons, killing several children and adults.  He told me that if he was in that room, the man would only have had the chance to fire once.  Sure, it is a little cowboy, but his point was that he didn’t want innocent people hurt because of a nut job.

I remember when I was ten, Snuffy and I were hunting around Row Lake in northern Maine.  For some reason, Snuffy knew that we were being watched.  He told me to expect a Game Warden to arrive at any time.  Sure enough, out from around the bend rolled the man in green.  He asked to see our hunting licenses and inspect our weapons.  We obeyed and Snuffy, as usual, started to shoot the breeze with the Warden.  The Warden handed us back our rifles and Snuffy pulled out his wallet.  He handed the Warden a small card and the Warden looked back at Snuffy quizzically.  Snuffy said, You wanted to see ’em all, right?”  The Warden stammered a bit and said, “Uh-huh”.  Snuffy opened his jacket to reveal two Smith & Wesson revolvers with 8 3/8 barrels – one under each arm in a double shoulder holster.  The Warden’s eyes grew large and stated how he was usually good at spotting such things, but had no idea that Snuffy was carrying, let alone carrying large.  Snuffy chuckled all the way to the truck.

When I discuss concealed carry, I often find that people are hesitant to get their license.  Most people cite the fact that they will be entered into a database and, if the turds ever hit the proverbial fan, they will be singled out.  I take issue with this method of thought.

Carrying concealed without a permit, in most states, is illegal.  If you get busted by the local po-po, you will have a criminal record, no longer be eligible for concealed carry and you will get a fine and you will most likely lose your gun.  Beyond that, if more people get busted carrying concealed, the Govt. will undoubtedly take action to abolish concealed carry completely.

I disagree with the database system.  If I get pulled over on a traffic violation in Colorado, I come up as a “person of interest” due to my CCW status… even though I passed one of the most stringent background checks on civilians in the country.  That being said, if they ever have a Hitler-style gun grab here in the U.S.A. (which I doubt), they will know that I have weapons and will come to my house to confiscate them.  So be it.  I live next to a town that is known for their militia activity.  I don’t think I’ll be of much interest to them.

If you don’t want a permit, start taking action locally to promote Constitutional Carry.  This is the way it ought to be.  We have a right to bear arms.  When people question the fact that I carry, I often tell them this –  When you get in a car and drive down the road, it is a privilege granted to you by the state and county that you live in.  Other states recognize that privilege as well.  If you get in trouble while driving, that privilege can be revoked by the powers that be.  When I carry, it is my right.  Not a privilege.

This is going to sound far out, but I promise you as a Christian that it is not.  After you get your permit, you may be tested for restraint.  Within the first month of getting my permit, two things happened.

1.)  I walked into the local convenience store, not but a few miles from my house.  As I was checking out, the lady behind the counter asked me if I was in a hurry? I thought she was going to give me a promotional item.  I told her I wasn’t in a hurry and she quietly asked me to hang out in the store for a bit.  She pointed at a gang banger type on the other side of the store and stated, “I think he’s about to rob us.”  I smiled, told her I’d be right back, went out to my truck, grabbed my gun, slid it into the back of my pants and returned inside.  I dropped the ball on that one.  I should have had it on me. The guy had been hanging out all morning and the girls thought the guy was casing the joint.  Turns out, he just looked rough.  He was waiting for a ride.  Is robbing a store a reason to shoot someone?  Absolutely not.  The gun was for my protection only, unless the person in question were to attempt to kill someone else.

2.)  My wife and I went out for “date night” which actually entails us doing the grocery shopping.  We stopped at a Starbucks (I’m know, I’m a whelp of a whore for corporate America) to get a coffee.  As we walked out the door, I saw a car pull up.  A man got out of a car, followed by a woman that he was dragging by the hair.  They were both obviously drunk.  She was refusing to get out of the car.  He, in turn, gave her several knuckle sandwiches.  The guy driving the car was also beating on her.

So ask yourself – what do you do?

a.)  Pull your piece.  Quote some Dirty Harry.

b.) Kick the guy in the head and hope the driver doesn’t pile out of the car and gang up on you.  They may or may not be armed.

c.)  Walk away, it isn’t your business.

d.) Observe and call the police.  If things get too bad, you’ll jump in.

I would have to say that throughout the different decades of my life, I would have chosen a few different options.  In my late teens, I would have chosen option b.  In my 20s, I would have chosen option a.  In my 30s, I chose option d.  That schmuck wasn’t worth drawing down on.  My wife was there and my first duty was to protect her.  If I was in a scuffle and out numbered, I’d be doing nothing but putting worry on her.  The best way to win is not how they do it in the movies.  Always walk away if you have the option.

If you don’t have your license, consider it.  As the old saying goes, “Rights are like muscles, if you don’t use them, you lose them”.

Pax Domini Sit Semper Vobiscum,

Mike, Oscar, Hotel……out.


6 thoughts on “Thoughts on Concealed Carry

  1. As you know Maine went constitutional carry just this year. I will keep renewing my permit as Maine has reciprocal agreements with several other states. As for the Gvt knowing what and how many guns you have they already do if you legally purchased your gun at a legal dealer and went thought a background check.
    The scenario you describe at the coffee shop is not pleasant and does require some degree of intervention but you have to weigh your own safety in the matter. She could have well been an innocent kidnap victim. That’s a tough one. About 20 years ago one Friday night just outside of the Old Port Tavern a bunch of us witnessed a similar scenario. A big 290 lb body builder guy smacking the snot out of what could only be described as a 90 lb bimbette. Before anyone could intervene he dragged her around the corner and out of sight in to the alley way. We feared the worst while several of us considered the options. About 30 seconds later they re-emerge with her wrapped around him kissing and hugging him. We were stunned. We never figured that one out. But no one was willing to mess with that monster.
    Last year we were just arriving in the parking lot for our regular Sunday eve grocery run at our local Shop-N-Save, when we encountered two younger punks getting in to it with a middle age well built fellow who probably would have made minced meat out of them both, but it was a close call with two on one. They were just about to start swinging when all the yelling drew our and everyone’s attention. I pulled up in the car about 50 feet away and made ready to flee should anyone point a gun our way. Instinctively I cranked down the window and in the most authoritarian voice I could muster I yelled at them to quit, asking them which of them wanted to go to jail right now. It seemed to get the job done. They backed off each other and reconsidering their choices, got in their own cars and departed the lot. In retrospect I realized it had the serious potential to turn ugly real fast and I could have got caught up in that mess by intervening. I don’t know where I pulled that one out of and was completely surprised at myself. Sure glad it worked out that easily, but it took a couple of hours to get the adrenaline to settle down.


    1. There’s a lot to sounding mean. My dad could clear a room and, though soft spoken, I can do the same. My wife laughs when I yell at dogs and bears. It freaks the kids out.

      The guy that taught my CCW class gave us a scenario where we were in a liquor store. Guy comes in, pulls a gun on the cashier and starts yelling. What do we do?

      A few said draw down on him, including me (this was a few years ago – I’m of a wiser mind now).

      He said the guys could be brothers in a disagreement. You shoot the pistol toting guy and the guy behind the counter could sue you to kingdom come and you could spend your life in jail – or shoot you. Kinda like your bimbette situation. You have to use it as a last resort. Always.


      1. In addition, I think that keeping your CCW in a Constitutional Carry state is always a good idea. With Maine’s recent history of liberal governors (minus Gov. LePage – who I really get a kick out of), it’s a matter of time before you’ll need it again.


      2. Yes, and by the looks of it either Sen Pingree or Portland Mayor Ethan Strimling will be bucking for the governors seat after LePage terms out. Word in the local rag is that one of Baldacci’s feme corhorts got Strimling to dump his wife in favor of her and is doing the best to groom him for the post. No telling what level of commie madness will ensue at at that point. I best finish that kitchen soon so we can sell and beat feet out of the state ASAP.


      3. Well, they were stupid enough to split the vote 3 ways two times. I’m still amazed by that. Hopefully it will happen again. Problem is, LePage has the left seething, which makes them a little stronger in the short term. I’m hoping someone strong comes out of the right. We’ll see.


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