Properly Defining the Anatomy of an Axe

All Terms Roughly Borrowed  from The Ax Book, by D. Cook

Axes.  If you’re going to use one, you should know what you’re talking about.  For me, it all started with a hatchet I got at Big Lots and has slowly exploded from there.   What I didn’t know is that there are words to properly define different parts of the axe.  You probably know them all.  I didn’t, so I’m sharing what I learned in The Ax Book.

Axe Head.  If you have trouble remembering this one, you should not be at this blog.


The “Bit“, otherwise defined as the cutting edge.
 Upper Corner or “Toe” of the Bit.


Lower Corner, or “Heel” of the Bit.


The Eye.


The Poll (or back of the axe), according to D. Cook, “a solid mass of metal that aids balance and control of the axe.  He also adds, “The poll should not be used as a hammer.”:

Axes are very simple tools, but you must always remember that they changed the world and society.

Pax Domini Sit Semper Vobiscum,

Mike, Oscar, Hotel…..out.


5 thoughts on “Properly Defining the Anatomy of an Axe

  1. Lots of my relatives refer to the parts as “the sharp end” and “the end you can use as a hammer”. The head pictured is from my grandfather’s garage. Snow & Nealley, made sometime in the 50s. If it looks short in stature, it is. They used the heck out of it. 3 1/4 lb. My favorite splitting head.


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  3. I am lucky to own a few, These tools are what made us, we forget that at times. I am like a geek at times with different axes for different jobs. If you ever get the chance to select a tree chop it down and use it all for various items, take it. It wont take long to become axe fit. Try not just make a pile of fire wood, if you can try make a bench or table then use the waist for your fire. nothing better than looking at your handy work, blisters and all while in front of a warm fire.
    Great Blog.

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