Shooting With Your Left Eye When You Are Right Eye Dominant

I think I’m starting to get old.  I’m approaching 40.  While I won’t say that I’m old (specifically to not offend some of our key readers, haha.), I do remember a good friend saying that 40 is the youth of old age and the old age of youth.  What a depressing summary of being middle aged.

My right eye is shot.  If I close my left, everything goes blurry, especially far away.  The left is still good though, so instead of wearing those pesky glasses the eye doctor gave me (that I’ve since lost), I figured I’d try some left eye shooting.

I tested myself shooting at targets at ten yards with different eyes, with the aforementioned Smith & Wesson Model 17-6.  While I’m not shooting the pistol as well as I’d like, I saw a marked improvement by following Bern and B&A’s advice, as previously mentioned.  However, the right eye is still better than the left.  I can’t seem to overcome its dominance.  I just aim through the blur, mostly.

1st left
First round left eye target (10 yd)
1st right
First round right eye target (10 yd)
2nd left
2nd round left eye (10 yd)

I improved with my left on the second round.  I saw how far left I was shooting and compensated, which helped.  Try standing with a pistol pointed at something.  Open your left eye, then switch to the right.  You’ll have to adjust the aim of the pistol.  This runs into a problem when you’ve trained your hands to situate themselves for a right handed aim.

2nd right
2nd round right eye (10 yds)

I’m going to keep working on this.  I haven’t yet looked into tricks and tips on the internet, but will soon.  So far, so good, but old right-eye habits die hard.

Mike, Oscar, Hotel…..out.



5 thoughts on “Shooting With Your Left Eye When You Are Right Eye Dominant

  1. When I was a kid, the neighbor boy hunched over his riflestock strangely and didn’t shoot well. Once I figured out that he was right handed, but left eyed, I told him to close his left eye and see what happened. His stance changed greatly and his shooting improved immediately. That’s not the problem you have, but it illustrates how awkward such things can be.


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