Facebook Bans Gun Sales (We’ve got alternatives)

If you’ve been hiding out in your bunker or under a rock this week, you’ve probably missed the fact that Facebook has banned gun sales on their site. I’ve only recently become aware of gun groups on Facebook and was enjoying the posts and information I was getting from several groups. I’ve also bought and sold a few guns and had great experiences with that. One by one, Zuckerberg and his employees are *poof* getting rid of groups that even talk about guns.


Before you get heated about Facebook stepping on your rights, remember, they are a private company. We choose to (or not to) use their services. It’s just like Walmart or any other company. I’ve heard of people getting angry over Walmart posting their signs in both English and Spanish. If you don’t like the way a company operates, stop using them. Like, right now. If you don’t like Walmart, go to Target – or even better, a mom and pop shop.  In most places, there are alternatives.

Or, we could all stop using Facebook. Don’t believe me? Remember Myspace? People thought Myspace was unstoppable. In 2005, it sold for $580,000,000. I put those zeroes in for a reason. It sold again recently for $35,000,000. While Myspace may be perceived as being worth money, it’s worth nothing. The same could happen to Facebook.  Unfortunately, we’ve turned into such narcissists that the chances of us giving up our profiles and ability to be right is slim….unless we’re offered another place to be even more right.

Anyhow, enough about Facebook.

There are alternatives, especially if you’re into social communities that embrace the 2nd Amendment.

Gundistrict.com:  Specifically for the gun crowd.  It looks as though these people saw the Facebook ban coming.  It has similar controls to Facebook, which will make it appealing to some.

MeWe.com:  I think this might be a more viable alternative because it is set up for social networking, not just guns.  One of the more prominent Colorado groups I participate in migrated here and people seem to be following.  It’s relatively user friendly and has a few perks that Facebook doesn’t have (including a DISLIKE emoji).  I’m giving this one a go.  We’ll see how it turns out.

If you find this post useful, share it.  People need to know that there are alternatives.  The free market will prevail.  We’re better connected now than we’ve ever been.

Mike, Oscar, Hotel….out.





6 thoughts on “Facebook Bans Gun Sales (We’ve got alternatives)

  1. I had been following three gun groups on FB. I never participated but I like to keep an eye on the pulse of things.Two of the groups have vanished over the last two days. I am sure the last one will succumb shortly as well. It’s a shame. I wonder what politically incorrect pariah they will censor next. And surely Google at some point will follow suit too.


  2. The Un-known-Cat has a great take on the FB gun ban issue.

    “The harder they squeeze, the faster we slip though their fingers. Humans, just like any other animal, will always find a way to escape predation”

    “Maine Firearms Buy Swap Sell” is now on MEWE


    1. Nice. I like Mewe. I usually shut down facebook for lent and fully intend to this year again. Not sure I’ll be back. I used to keep it to promote my blogs, but really, with facebook’s new changes, people don’t see your stuff unless you show them the $$$$. Their prerogative.


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