1911 at 100 yards

So I was at the range the other day – like a few good stories start out – sighting in that scope that I’m still writing the review about. My buddy was shooting, and I was done with my AR. My 1911 was sitting there, so I figured I’d try it. It’s a stock Remington R1, bottom of the line (but I love it). 

See those boards way down there? 

  I aimed a little over the boards and sent 7 185 grain FMJs downrange at a 2 foot target. 

1 little feller is low to the left, but that’s 6 on the paper from 300 feet away. 

I think I’ll keep it. 


5 thoughts on “1911 at 100 yards

  1. First hand gun I owned was a LLama made version of the 1911. It was all I could afford at the time. Could not get through a magazine without the wretched thing jamming up. Been leery of them ever since. I traded it at the Cooks Corner Pawn shop in Brunswick for a Taurus 66 that worked much better.


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