Lego character stand

I wish I had detailed plans for my readers, but I’m willing to bet just about anyone who reads this blog could slap this puppy together with their eyes closed. Basically, my wife helped me strip out an old pallet (Sawzall with a metal cutting blade is your friend here) and she used some of the wood to make this gem. 

She made a frame, filled in the middle, then painted the whole thing white (with odor sealing paint. I don’t trust some of these old pallets). She then procured a ton of skinny green 2X8 Lego blocks and glued them into place with E6000. 

The tricky part was matching the guys up. Years ago, BC (before children), we collected blind Lego packs. We even knew the codes the manufacturer used to tell the contents apart. But then we had children, and our toys were played with. 

For the purpose of the presentation, we attempted to put the correct accessories with the correct character. 

However, when we got to the bottom of the pile, bottom of the evening, and bottom of my whiskey glass, it became time to stick leftovers together and invent fun back stories. Here the kids actually come in handy, because it takes a 5 year old’s imagination to explain why a knight has a .45 in one hand and a trident in the other, along with surfer pants and a head with eyeliner and lipstick to go with his beret. 


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