All Those Bones….

We’ve got pretty much unlimited access to cow bones.  I want to start crafting with them and see if we can sell them for a profit.  Specifically, making leg bones into candle holders and cribbage boards.

This weekend I picked up a rotary tool at Harbor Freight and scratched out a design on a jaw bone.

First, I cleaned it up with the wire wheel bit.

20151211_191550 20151211_192157

Then, I drew on a design.


Then I got to grinding.


Then I filled it in with a pencil and hit the pencil with the wire wheel to blend it.



I was going for a cave painting feel.  This is going to take some practice, for sure.

Here, I worked on some lettering.  What, might you ask?  My favorite word, of course.

Mike Oscar Hotel….out.


3 thoughts on “All Those Bones….

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  2. Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle! …. the man is an “artiste” as well.. One thought that crossed my mind was doing some imagineering and assembling a whole skeleton with parts from different creatures and set the thing up as a giant lawn ornament. A megalo-bovinus-rex or something of the sort. Something as silly as a Jackalope but bigger.


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