Sweet old Subaru

I’ve had my fair share of adventures in a Subaru that could have only come about in a Subaru, in places only a Subaru go! Here is a beautiful example of Subaru love and respect.




5 thoughts on “Sweet old Subaru

      1. I got my PPL and Instrument rating 30 years ago and have a Jodel DR1050 project in the barn. I am hanging a Mazda 13B rotary with a PSRU on that one. Saving the Subbies for another project. The will make about 55 hp on direct drive so they are better suited to a single seat AC. Always wanted to get my A&P but no tech schools here in southern Maine offer it and I am a slave to the mortgage.


      2. bnastowaway

        Got ya. I’ve been an engine guy (8years in Bangor!) on Air Force jets for 13 years, and I’m headed to Texas to learn avionics and electronics soon. I’m jealous of your harem though!


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