Fully loaded apple pie. 

Ever wanted to drink apple pie? You now can! Some of my buddies at work make this every Christmas, then drink it the next Christmas. You can drink it within a month, but longer is better. I always say the difference between bad preserved food and good preserved food is a few months. This particular batch I just laid down. I’ve got to go to military training until May, so I figured I’d let it stew that long. 

Apple Pie Moonshine

1 gallon cider

1 gallon Apple juice

10-15 cinnamon sticks

1/4 cup vanilla

1 bottle of Everclear

At least 12 pint Mason jars

In a large kettle, pour in the apple juice, apple cider, vanilla, and cinnamon sticks. 

Homemade vanilla. Made with a cheap bourbon and a handful of Madagascar vanilla bean pods. Mrs. Stowaway thinks it is too strong, so I save it for my cooking!

Bring it to a slow boil, then turn off and let cool until room temperature. 

Once it cools, pour in the Everclear. 

Pour the mixture into the jars, putting one or two sticks per jar. 

Make sure you have enough jars ahead of time, or you have to repurpose a few of your wife’s decorative jars and a recently polished-off Apple Crown gallon jug. Don’t judge. 

Like I said, leave it for a month at least, but longer is better. Feel free to decorate, tie ribbons, or do anything else to the jars. Or add your own fancy label like I did. 

Feel free to share, hoard, or barter with it. Hopefully I’ll use mine to toast a new stripe when I get back, wish me luck!



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