Blowing the Dust Off an Old Chapter


Howdy.  Welcome back.  If this is your first time stopping by, welcome.  For those of you who don’t know or remember, The Sharpened Axe started as a blog of man skills back in 2010 by Mike Oscar Hotel.  Over the next few years, the blog became different things to different people.  Ultimately, the blog ended in 2013, lost to the oblivion of the internet.

My friend and former guest author, B&A Stowaway kept our facebook presence up by posting things he was doing in his daily life.  After some talking, we’ve decided to give The Sharpened Axe another try.  Expect DIY tutorials, book reviews, cigar reviews, outdoor skills and…..pretty much whatever we feel like writing about.

Pull up a stump and do some reading.

Mike Oscar Hotel


2 thoughts on “Blowing the Dust Off an Old Chapter

    1. Not sure what’s going to come of the homesteaders blog. It’s still there, but under an Internet dust cloth. I’m looking forward to what’s going to happen here. We’ve got some really fun articles lined up, though I fear a more fitting name for this blog might be “the well-oiled gun”.

      All is well at the bus. Spent a lot of time there this summer collecting bones with the boys. They’ve turned it into an opportunity for themselves. I sold a horse skull and elk skull to someone last night for them and made them $30. When you’re six and seven, that’s like a million bucks!


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